We use the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler, with its huge range of unique accessories, to automate the processing of your samples.

This gives seamless integration with Agilent Technologies’ GC and GC-MS platforms and Syft Technologies' SIFT-MS instruments.
If you are involved in analytical R&D, you just don’t know where your research will lead, or what you may have to do tomorrow.

For sample preparation, automation may well be important to you and you will certainly benefit from the great flexibility the GERSTEL MultiFlex MPS gives you.
AutoPrep solutions, based upon the GERSTEL MPS are built with three things in mind: dependability, throughput and low consumable costs.

All have been tested in our laboratory and come with unlimited application support.
SIFT-MS joins GC-MS and LC-MS as one of the three essential tools that every analytical chemist should have.

SIFT-MS measures the concentrations of volatile substances (organic and inorganic) simply, directly and in real time.
The CF200 Robotic Centrifuge is capable, compact and integrates full with the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler.

The CF200 can process up to six samples simultaneously for maximum productivity.
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We aim to have a fix - whatever is getting in your way!

Our applications team have years of experience gained by working in analytical laboratories of all types.

They know the instruments we sell inside out and will find sensible solutions to to the analytical challenges you face.
Training is an investment and you can never have too much of it!

When your staff are well trained in the operation of an instrument, your return on investment is at its highest.

We are here to help this happen.
We offer preventative maintenance to keep your instruments working and a fast response if they stop.

Our support engineers are all experienced analysts and factory trained to support our products.
There are times when it is good to be able to call on some extra help or advice.

If you have a problem, we are always pleased to help.

Help Credits let you plan for when the unforeseen happens.
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Improve Process Measurements with SIFT-MS

Quality Control and Process Monitoring is always a compromise between the number of samples you would like to test (all of them?) and the number of samples you can actually test (cost, time, destructive nature of analysis?). The inability to test all samples can lead to gaps in your knowledge, which could mean that critical differences or changes are being missed.

If we can measure things faster, we can make more measurements and we can be sure not to miss important details. More testing equals more information known. The following graphic shows what I mean…

Collecting more data means we spot important details we would otherwise miss.

In an ideal world we would like our analytical methods to have the following characteristics:

  • A measurement time in seconds
  • Be highly selective for compounds of choice
  • Have zero cost for additional samples measured
  • Be non-destructive
  • Be useable by staff working in the production process

If this were true, then all samples could be tested as they come off the production line; any out-of-specification results fed directly back to the Process Engineers immediately and corrections to the process made with the minimum cost. There would be no need to send a selected subset of samples to an external testing laboratory – with all the time, cost and quality implications that entails!

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) has these characteristics.

Syft Technologies’ Voice200ultra is capable of highly selective, continuous monitoring of VOCs to very low levels (pptv) – in seconds. The way SIFT-MS operates means that making multiple measurements adds very little extra cost to the product (it uses only nitrogen gas and a small amount of water).

For a moment, just think about the improvements in product quality that could flow from being able to test every product with immediate feed-back.

Then compare this to testing one in ever-so-many and having to wait ages for the answer.

If you are interested in learning more about SIFT-MS, especially its use in a factory environment, either email enquiries@anatune.co.uk or phone us on +44 (0)1223 279210.

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