We use the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler, with its huge range of unique accessories, to automate the processing of your samples.

This gives seamless integration with Agilent Technologies’ GC and GC-MS platforms and Syft Technologies' SIFT-MS instruments.
If you are involved in analytical R&D, you just don’t know where your research will lead, or what you may have to do tomorrow.

For sample preparation, automation may well be important to you and you will certainly benefit from the great flexibility the GERSTEL MultiFlex MPS gives you.
AutoPrep solutions, based upon the GERSTEL MPS are built with three things in mind: dependability, throughput and low consumable costs.

All have been tested in our laboratory and come with unlimited application support.
SIFT-MS joins GC-MS and LC-MS as one of the three essential tools that every analytical chemist should have.

SIFT-MS measures the concentrations of volatile substances (organic and inorganic) simply, directly and in real time.
The CF200 Robotic Centrifuge is capable, compact and integrates full with the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler.

The CF200 can process up to six samples simultaneously for maximum productivity.
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They know the instruments we sell inside out and will find sensible solutions to to the analytical challenges you face.
Training is an investment and you can never have too much of it!

When your staff are well trained in the operation of an instrument, your return on investment is at its highest.

We are here to help this happen.
We offer preventative maintenance to keep your instruments working and a fast response if they stop.

Our support engineers are all experienced analysts and factory trained to support our products.
There are times when it is good to be able to call on some extra help or advice.

If you have a problem, we are always pleased to help.

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Things you can do with a MultiFlex (No.4) – Liquid Handling

A Dual Head MPS can bring the benefits of auto spiking to any laboratory

Addition of Internal Standards

When working with samples, even those needing no sample preparation, there are always some basic liquid handling tasks that have to be done. This is why the MultiFlex is equipped with two syringe heads – one for the injection of samples and one for liquid handling.

At the very least, virtually every sample will need the addition of an internal standard.

An increasing number of laboratories have come to the realisation that the spiking of internal standards into samples is something that humans are inherently bad at.

Some time ago, we performed a study in our application laboratory, using gravimetric measurements, that showed that the GESRTEL MPS can easily match the precision of “grade A” glassware, when it comes to liquid handling.

Work carried out when we were developing MPS auto spiking on our VOC Analyser, showed that the precision obtained was as good as the most careful analyst could achieve. What is more, the MPS never made mistakes, so no samples were ever double-spiked and no samples were ever missed.

Simon McInulty, one of Anatune’s service engineers, worked in a high throughput lab when auto spiking using a GERSTEL MPS was implemented:

“The biggest difference it made to us was to cut the number of “re-runs”. Before, anything up to 15% of samples had to be repeated due to spiking errors. When we brought in auto spiking the number of re-runs dropped to 2% or so. That saved a lot of messing around”.

The time saving can be considerable. Some labs run hundreds of samples a day, and for them adding internal standards to samples can occupy several members of staff full-time. In these circumstances, the return on investment is ridiculously quick (a few months at most) and the positive impact on laboratory productivity, immediate.

Even for analysts running smaller batches of samples, the time savings are significant and the elimination of human error is very welcome.

In some cases, you can conveniently perform this neat trick with the same syringe that you use for injection (in which case you get all the advantages for free). However, the addition of a second injection head and syringe carriage adds little to the cost of a system and gives you much greater flexibility in the volumes of liquid you can work with.

With only a little more thought effort, you can get the system to make-up standard solutions for you. When you need to build a multi-level calibration curve, you can set-up the MPS to prep your standards. The instrument will prepare the samples the exact same way every time and, once again, you reduce the chance of human error spoiling your day.

This is why, just about every system our customers now buy, is bought with a dual head MPS.

For more information, email enquiries@anatune.co.uk, or call the office now on 01223 279210.

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